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Event Management and Planning

Event management and planning

Event planning encapsulates many processes in the coordination of an event, from site selection to acquiring permits and providing security. Mobile CCTV Solutions have developed and implemented the planning and management of numerous major events, working with stakeholders to ensure these events are safe and successful.

We believe good event planning and management involves thorough organisation, passion, teamwork, people skills, flexibility and the ability to address potential problems before they arise.

Security officers for private events

Mobile CCTV Solutions makes it easy for security-aware, safety-conscious parents of Sydney teenagers to get peace of mind.
We pride ourselves on the professionalism and temperament of our guards, and the relationships that we have built with local police.

All our officers have valid First Aid Certificates, hold an appropriate and valid security operator license and work under the direction of a valid Master Security Licence holder – as per NSW legislation.

With extensive, on-going experience in providing security for Under-18 events and milestone birthdays, and by working with you to address your concerns and identifying site vulnerabilities, we can minimise the risk to you, your family, your guests, and your assets.

Our employees are effective security officers whose diplomacy skills and extensive experience in crowd control situations, including dealing with the intoxicated, are second to none. As the premier private security company providing trained security dogs for the prevention of, and the dispersal of gate crashers, you can know you’re in capable hands.

Before the event or party

We encourage everyone to read through the NSW Police Forces’ “MyNite” Website for more information on hosting their private event. If you are planning a party or major event, we are happy to provide a free consultation for you with a member of our management team. Please get in touch.

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