Providing premium quality event and venue security

At Mobile CCTV Solutions we specialise in providing premium quality event and venue security services.

With a proven track record in event and venue operations, you can be assured that the Mobile CCTV Solutions approach will ensure that we deliver a totally professional security solution which is integral to event success.


Seamless integration

Mobile CCTV Solutions will seamlessly integrate risk management, customer service, crowd control and management, all the while working with event promoters, organisers, regulators and stakeholders to make sure the event delivery is second to none.

From concept to delivery

We will consult in the event design and planning, considering any emergency and other scenario. We will also provide a post-event debriefing. You can be confident that our professional team will deliver best-practice solutions and services for your event.

Our security staff are some of the best available in the country. We recruit for the attributes that make a quality security guard. All our security guards must be certified, well trained and have valid Australian security licenses.



If you are planning an event or would like to learn more about our services, please get in touch. A member of our senior management team will be happy to provide a free consultation. Call us on 1300 996 910 or contact us online.

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