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Surveillance and Monitoring

Surveillance and monitoring for business

Mobile CCTV Solutions provide surveillance and monitoring for clients of all sizes, from small businesses to government organisations and multi-national corporations. Our clients choose us because our staff are well trained, dependable, professional and courteous.

In addition to deploying staff to monitor business surveillance systems, we can also provide our own state-of-the-art mobile CCTV system. The Mobile CCTV trailercam is a mobile and extremely versatile CCTV monitoring device that can be rapidly deployed (operational in 20 minutes) and remotely accessed from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

Residential security and monitoring

55% of people think that there are no crime problems in their neighbourhood.
However, in Australia, someone is burgled nearly every minute. 4 in every 10 people have been victims of burglary and 1 in 10 people have been burgled while they’re at home.

According to the Australian Bureau of Crime Statistics (2007), installing a fully monitored security system you can improve your home security and drastically reduce your chances of a break-in, while potentially saving on your home insurance.
You can sleep soundly knowing our 24-hour monitoring centre never sleeps. In seconds, we have the ability to detect any threat to your property including break-in, electrical or fire. We then quickly alert the appropriate contacts and send help.

Secure your property

Do you want Insurance Discounts?
Leading insurer AAMI said that homes with monitored alarms account for only 5% of burglary claims. This is great news for you because not only is your threat of theft reduced, but most insurance companies reward you with a discount on your policy.

Are you moving to a New Home?
Whether you are moving to a new home or you have recently moved, it’s important to make sure your assets are protected from the start. We can arrange for your home to be safe and secure even before you move in.

Do you travel regularly?
Burglars are not as silly as we’d like to think. Unfortunately, they often spend time watching the homes on a street to see when people come and go. Most burglaries happen in the middle of the afternoon, and if you are often away from your home, you may be a higher risk.

Are in an area experiencing growing crime rates?
Crime in your area may grow quite rapidly. If you know there has been recent crime in your area and you are concerned with your family’s safety we can help.

Were you recently the victim of a break-in?
There is nothing worse than knowing unwanted intruders have invaded your home. Unfortunately, if you ask around you’ll see that being robbed once won’t mean it won’t happen again. Households victimised once by a break and enter have been found to be four times as likely to suffer repeat victimisations as those that had not been victimised; It’s clear that savvy burglars will wait until you replace the stolen goods and will strike again if they know your home is easy to access.

Do you already Have a System Installed?
Whether you own or rent we can help you maintain your existing security system. Make sure you contact Mobile CCTV Solutions once a year to have your security system checked. An alarm is not a deterrent if it doesn’t work.

CCTV, Alarms, sales and installation

We can supply and install the highest quality and latest technology in Alarms, CCTV, intercoms, back to base monitoring, digital security and more. We’ll work with you to tailor a security system to protect your particular property, ensuring the very best coverage for your assets.

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