Mobile CCTV Solutions Trailer camera

Mobile CCTV trailers are a cost-effective and affordable solution designed to protect your valuable business assets.


Our trailers can both compliment and replace traditional static security guards, mobile patrols, and fixed CCTV camera systems. The units are capable of recording and transmitting live video images across 4GX networks.


Each trailer has its own internet connection and network recorder which can be remotely and securely accessed from any computer or mobile compatible device from around the world. Mobile CCTV Solutions use 100% solar powered technology with a diesel generator for emergency backup.

Pole cam

Deliver surveillance to any location with the Mobi Pole Cam.


Our remote-view-enabled, standalone solar surveillance solutions are perfect

in areas without network/power infrastructure. This can include trouble spot monitoring, in almost any area.


Uses include permanent sites such as parks, farms, streets etc and temporary sites like events or rubbish dumping areas.


Mobile CCTV Solutions caters for all short and long term leases and purchase options.



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