From the bay to the bush, these councils are creating safer communities

Australia wide, local Councils have secured funding to work towards providing safer communities for their members.

While our trailers are seen all over the country, two of our handovers this month have been in our NSW backyard.  One metro – Canada Bay and the other one regional, out in Inverell.

Inverell Council said “We decided to take advantage of the two week free trial to place the Mobile CCTV trailer at the local skate park that is currently undergoing upgrades and had people damaging the new civil works as well as hanging around it at strange hours. 

Complaints of anti social behaviour from the community encouraged us to try a new tactic.  After having the Mobile CCTV trailer on site for two weeks we had no reports of damage from workers and also no sign of drinking in the park.  The best part – no more complaints from local residents.  We will now be making a purchase of the trailer!”

While Inverell’s trial led them to the purchase of a trailer, after one week of their free trial, Canada Bay Council found equal success from the trailer’s benefits and commenced a 3 month hire immediately.

“At the end of the first week, we were able to identify the persons involved, the vehicle they used to carry the waste, and are now making further investigations to issue infringements to those involved.  We’ve also noted a big reduction in our dumping in our usual spots” Canada Bay Council said.

Mobile CCTV Solutions are working with Local Councils all over Australia.  Contact us now for a complimentary Covid Safe Trial to see how we can help your Council provide safer communities.

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