How CCTV cameras help to deter vandals and anti-social behaviour

We work with local Councils Australia wide on initiatives to provide safer communities for their members.  From the coast to the country, all councils face the same problems with how to deter vandalism and anti-social behaviour – especially during school holiday periods. 

 One local councillor said: “It’s getting ridiculous how much money we’re spending on clearing up after the vandals. “The public are sick of it – we are getting complaints the whole time about the damage and nuisance being caused by groups of young people.”

The Mobile CCTV Solutions trailers are advantageous in that they can be easily moved by one person to different hotspots as often as required.  Our systems can be rented on a short term agreement, or purchased through Grant funding via Safer Communities initiatives.

A member for Community Safety & Engagement said

 “Our system plays a vital part in helping the partnership make the town a great and safe place to live, work and visit.  The support that the CCTV provides to the Council, Police, shops and other security personnel, not only helps to identify people involved in crime and bring them to justice.  It also helps make people feel safe and aids out community safety work.”

CCTV plays an extremely vital part in many investigations with the footage often helping identify who has committed an offence leading to convictions.


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