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These councils paving the way with crime prevention using Mobile CCTV trailers

When we think of surveillance we often think of traditional static surveillance tools like CCTV systems run by local authorities.

However, nowadays traditional CCTV is fast becoming proactive with the introduction of mobile CCTV trailers that can be quickly and easily moved as required to areas of community concern. 

See how these two councils are changing from being reactive to flexible and proactive, and helping law enforcers fight crime – not just solve it.

South Perth purchased a mobile CCTV trailer to assist with crime prevention and City Ranger investigations.  “The unit can be deployed quickly and easily to most locations, and is being used at events, in graffiti hotspots and in incidents of emergency management.” – South Perth City Council.

City of Melville purchased a mobile CCTV trailer which is deployed in areas of need to assist police by gathering information.  In addition to having a complete schedule of trailer deployment locations available on their website, Council invites the community to participate in identifying hotspots.  “The community can inform us of any areas they would like to be considered in the deployment schedule for the trailer.” – Melville City Council.

The Federal Government’s Safer Communities fund works collaboratively to develop and implement a range of preventative and responsive actions focused on the following five key target areas: Crime prevention • Graffiti management • Litter management • Alcohol and drug management • Road/vehicle safety and we can tailor a solution to combat each of these initiatives.

Contact us now for a complimentary Covid Safe Trial to see how we can help your Council in their efforts towards crime prevention.

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